Why submit claims electronically?

Five reasons to start submitting electronic claims today.

1. Maximize your computer's capability

Get your money's worth from your office computer by submitting electronic claims. Many practice management systems have an electronic claims component included or available at a minimal cost. If you are considering computerizing, ask your practice management vendor for a software package that includes the electronic claims submission capability.

2. Make billing simpler

Electronic claims submission streamlines billing. Claims are sent to a clearinghouse with the press of a button, and the clearinghouse sorts and sends claims to carriers. You no longer need to print, copy, sort, and mail claims. (Of course, if you ever need a copy of a claim, you can either view it online or print out a copy.)

3. Minimize cash flow disruptions

Electronic claims are processed faster than paper claims, which can mean quicker payment. At Delta Dental, electronic claims are given priority over paper claims and are processed within as little as 2-3 days.

4. Receive fewer claims rejections

Because the clearinghouse edits claims before sending them on to carriers, you'll know soon after if certain necessary information is missing or invalid.

5. Control paper flow

Electronic claims submission reduces your office's paperwork burden and frees up staff time to handle other important tasks, such as coordination of treatment plans, collecting payments and scheduling recall appointments.