Integrity, teamwork, communication, quality – these are Northeast Delta Dental’s core values and the way we do business with one another and our customers!  Our commitment to and support of our employees is integral to the way we do business.  Providing a healthy, safe, and collegial environment where individuals are respected and encouraged to grow personally and professionally helps us attract and retain well qualified, talented employees.

Northeast Delta Dental’s commitment to our employees is validated by the awards with which we have been honored over the last several years.  The American Psychological Association selected NEDD as a 2011 Psychologically Healthy Workplace, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation cited us for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility, and we have been recognized for our age friendly and flex friendly policies and approaches.

Designated as one of only a few companies nationwide to be selected as ‘One of 25 Best Small Companies to Work for in America’ for five years in a row (2004 – 2008) by the Great Place to Work Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management, we believe Northeast Delta Dental’s success is based upon ethical workplace practices, genuine care and concern for our customers, and dynamic, loyal, and productive employees.  Also named One of 10 Best Companies to Work For in NH for five successive years, we are proud of our workplace culture and warm family environment!

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I have worked at Northeast Delta Dental for 17 years. I stay because of the personal and professional growth I obtain by taking advantage of the opportunities here.  Ours is an environment where wellness is encouraged -- I have access to a gym, after work exercise and running programs, discounts and encouragement to enter road races, and more.  I am fortunate to have completed my Bachelor’s Degree with the help of Northeast Delta Dental’s Tuition Reimbursement program.  I’ve held several progressively responsible positions in the organization, and have enjoyed the access to professional development resources including Baldrige training, an on-site Toastmasters group, the Hoffman-Haas program, and Ethical Leadership course.  Leaders at Northeast Delta Dental listen to and support my ideas and suggestions.  I recommended a change in complex cross-departmental processes that was supported by the company’s leadership and now we’re in the middle of implementing the changes.  Thank you, Northeast Delta Dental, for advocating for the success of every employee – there are many opportunities here, coupled with the encouragement necessary to be successful!  Manager, Software Quality Assurance

In 2007, I was looking for employment after relocating to NH. Through the employment agency I was working with, received an assignment at Delta Dental to help out the Executive Department. I was a temporary staffer for the company for a few months when they offered me a full-time position. Within a short time, a law firm reached out and offered me a position. With my background and passion for legal work, I accepted and gave my notice. Every year after I left, I received a Christmas card from the Vice President of HR with a nice personal handwritten note. Three years after leaving and upon receiving that Christmas card, I started to think about my time at Delta Dental and how much I missed it. I reached out to let them know that I was leaving my current employer and asked that they keep me in mind for any positions that matched my skillset and personality. Soon after, they hired me again, and I have been with them ever since. I have come to realize how you’re treated by a company means a lot! The Company has great leadership and as Delta Dental’s employees know, Tom’s door (the President & CEO) is always open. He knows everyone by name, they promote a culture of collaboration, always asking for feedback from employees, and they consider and implement change based on the feedback. The Company has a great work/life balance, so much so that after working for them for 4 years in NH, they allowed me to work remotely from another state after I moved to be closer to my grandchildren. The Company also offers great benefits, training opportunities, a fitness center and encourages employees to volunteer in the community using designated volunteer time. I feel very fortunate to be able to continue to work for Delta Dental!  Regulatory Specialist, Legal and Compliance

In September of 2005, after three unsuccessful attempts to ‘retire’ over the years, I became a full time employee at Northeast Delta Dental. Beginning a new career at my age is not a common occurrence. I had heard wonderful stories and in the 9 months prior to my being hired, I had some great experiences at the Company through a staffing agency working as a “temp.” The word “TEAM” really means something here. Differences don’t separate us; they make us stronger and my colleagues here not only know how to “talk the talk” but they “walk the walk.” From day one, my coworkers made me feel I was part of the family. They were supportive and encouraging. I still wake up in the morning eager to come to work! The company cares about our education and they encourage everyone to take advantage of their generous tuition reimbursement program. The company cares about our health and work-life balance, making available Lunch and Learns on good nutrition, the importance of sleep, and resources for eldercare. We also have access to yoga, aerobics, and mindfulness programs. Our President & CEO, Tom Raffio, has shared his dedication to fitness and his love for running. Although I had never run in a race in my life, I was inspired and became a proud member of Northeast Delta Dental’s Toothaches Team. Four years later, I had participated in over 40 races! I am continually amazed at how the world of work has changed since I held my first job in 1955. Here everyone’s experience is valuable. Employees of all ages, from their twenties through their seventies, keep the organization’s wheels turning with each one’s unique contributions. Northeast Delta Dental, forward-thinking and values-driven, and encouraging involvement in the community, is a great place to work. And I’m enjoying being part of this organization now as much as I did 13+ years ago!  Support Services Clerk, Support Services

As a father of three, I understand well that any employment decision is a very serious life decision. After many years in systems development, I needed a job where I could stay current with technology and a company that was healthy financially and uncompromising in the way they treated employees. Northeast Delta Dental is the technology company that is the right size to allow opportunities and challenges and not be pigeon-holed. More importantly, they have constantly gone above and beyond in treating employees with fairness, respect and genuine care in every level of interaction. I’m proud to be part of such a dedicated team. For me, the trust involved in a career decision involves not only me but the well-being of my family. After twelve years working here, I can say that Northeast Delta Dental management has never failed to be worthy of that trust.  Database Administrator, Information Systems