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The national network of Delta Dental companies protects more smiles than any other insurance company. Have a question about coverage or looking for dental insurance? Connect with your Delta Dental company to learn more.


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Protect Your Employees' Healthy Smiles

Northeast Delta Dental - the preferred choice in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont for dental benefits for organizations of all sizes.

Dental Benefit Plans for Organizations and Groups

Northeast Delta Dental administers dental benefits to close to one million people in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. There are programs for organizations of all sizes. Interested in Vision? We offer vision benefits alongside our plans as an option. Click below to learn more.

Why Dental Benefits? 

Studies show that employees with dental benefits are more likely to go to the dentist on a regular basis. People who visit the dentist at least once a year are more likely to report good oral health. Going to the dentist on a regular basis helps your employees address dental issues before they become costly, painful problems that require time away from work.

People who report good oral health are more likely to report good or better overall health too! The signs and symptoms of more than 120 diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, appear in the mouth. Early detection and treatment of these expensive and debilitating chronic diseases typically make them easier and less costly to manage.

Offering a dental plan is a great way to attract and retain top talent and stand out from the competition. A recent study found that 82% of employees feel it is very important that their employer provide dental coverage.

Local to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, the industry leader, a focus specifically on oral health, the largest dental networks both locally and nationally, a variety of plans designed to fit your organization’s needs, customer service quality guarantees… all this adds up to happy customers with 98% returning every year. 

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Our Networks

Northeast Delta Dental members have access to the largest network of dentists in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont as well as nationwide. We offer a PPO network that will provide your members the greatest savings, a Premier network that offers access to the largest number of providers, as well as plans that combine the two called PPO Plus Premier. Click below to learn more.

Oral Health

Americans lose more than 164 million hours of work every year due to dental disease! 

Click here for a library of oral health information you can use to help your employees and members protect their SMILE POWER!™

HOW® is our industry-leading, patient-centered oral health program designed to promote good oral and overall health. It is included with all of Northeast Delta Dental plans. By having a dentist perform a quick, in-office risk assessment during a visit, your members may receive additional preventive benefits based on their own oral health needs. 

We guarantee our service. Northeast Delta Dental developed the region’s first comprehensive service guarantee program backed by a meaningful cash refund policy. The Guarantee Of Service ExcellenceSM program guarantees seven major areas of service.

Request for Proposal

Looking for Coverage? Northeast Delta Dental provides dental and vision benefits for groups and organizations of all sizes with plans that are flexible and designed to meet your needs and budget.

Employer Resources

Helpful videos, downloadable forms and benefit materials, brochures, helpful tips and more.

Dental Benefits on the Go

Your members can access their benefits anywhere, anytime with the Northeast Delta Dental mobile app. They can search for a dentist, check claims and coverage and see their ID card right on their mobile device.