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Electronic Claims Submission

Completing your Electronic Claim

How to complete an electronic claim where you need to specify narratives, and/or supply charting and x-rays.

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How To Get Started With Electronic Claims Submission

Getting started in Electronic Claims Submission is easy! Read on for more info...

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Who is Involved in Electronic Claims Submission?

Learn about the parties involved in the Electronic Claims Submission process and the role they play.

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Why submit claims electronically?

It's time to update your business practice with electronic claims submission. Your office has invested in up-to-date clinical equipment to provide quality care for your patients. You've devoted time and energy to learning the latest advancements in dentistry. Now it's time to apply modern management techniques to your business practice.

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Questions & Answers about Electronic Claims Submission

I'm too busy to deal with setting up a new system or it costs too much to send my claims electronically? If this sounds like you, we want to help...

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