Questions & Answers about Electronic Claims Submission

"I'm too busy to deal with setting up a new system."

Setting up for electronic claims submission may be easier than you think. If you already have practice management system software, it can be as simple as asking your vendor to activate a screen on your software. If you need special software, your vendor may be able to mail it to you and help you install it by phone. The time your office saves by sending claims electronically should easily surpass the initial setup and training time.

"It costs too much to send electronically."

Vendors charge an average of 45 cents to send a claim electronically. Compare that to the amount your office spends on postage, envelopes and claim forms. The biggest savings, however, is in administrative costs because sending claims electronically takes less time than paper claim submission.

"I need that piece of paper to show what I've been working on.".

Most practice management systems allow you to print each claim as you prepare to submit it electronically and/or store it in your computer. Keep in mind that less paperwork means less filing, allowing you and your office to be more productive in other areas. Just remember when you changed from the typewriter to the computer. It's the next logical step in technology.

"I'll lose control of my claims and billing."

Electronic claims submission gives you more control over your claims submission and billing by providing reports not available when sending your claims on paper. The vendors and clearinghouses can provide timely reports indicating which claims have missing or incorrect information, giving you the opportunity to respond immediately. The practice management system vendor provides reports that help track outstanding claims. If you do have a problem, help is available through a support network made up of your clearinghouse, your electronic claims vendor and Delta Dental.

"I don't want to transmit claims requiring x-rays because processing will be slow."

To help in this area, Northeast Delta Dental has eliminated radiograph requirements for most procedures. The procedures that currently require radiographs are noted on the Radiograph Requirements page. All other claims can be submitted electronically!