Corporate Giving Guidelines

Northeast Delta Dental supports organizations and programs that improve the lives of community members within our tri-state geographic footprint.

Important things to know about your application for funds:

  • Funding requests are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Usually, you will receive a decision six to eight weeks after submission.
  • Typically, one gift will be given to a nonprofit organization per calendar year. If renewed funding is desired in a new calendar year, a new application must be submitted.
  • A commitment to support in one year does not guarantee that we will be able to provide the same support the following year. We are committed to supporting many different community organizations and events and this policy ensures we are maximizing the impact of available funding.
  • While organizations may apply for either full or partial funding of a particular program or project, we are most likely to support a program that has other funders, showing that it has a broad base of community support and is likely to be sustainable.

Tips for completing your application

  • A brief description of your organization’s mission 
  • A description of the project or program for which you seek funding, with a particular focus on its objectives (what it will accomplish).
  • The geographic area and population that is served.
  • A timeline of when the program will begin and end (or indication that it is ongoing), clarifying any need for a response that is particularly time-sensitive.
  • A list of ways, or description of how, Northeast Delta Dental will be recognized for its support.
  • Contact information for the funding request.

The following types of programs and fundraising projects fall outside of Northeast Delta Dental’s corporate giving guidelines:

  • Fundraisers to benefit one individual or one family
  • Funding general operating expenses
  • Funding another organization’s foundation or endowment
  • Travel or conference expenses for individuals or groups
  • Historic preservation
  • CDFA tax credit opportunities

The following most always fall outside of Northeast Delta Dental’s corporate giving guidelines but, on occasion, are funded if they are in keeping with our overall business strategies and philanthropic inclinations.

  • Campaigns for new buildings and renovations
  • Projects/programs requiring a multi-year commitment

Brand Compliance Requirements

We have strict branding guidelines that we must adhere to. Any organization that uses our branding in an approved promotion of an event or recognition of sponsorship must also adhere to these usage guidelines.

Logos are sent electronically by the External Affairs department at Northeast Delta Dental, and no other sources are sanctioned. You will be required to email a sample of any promotional item to our graphic designer for review and approval before ordering. The strength of our brand is built on consistent, correct use. If our logo use guidelines are not followed, this will be a factor in the consideration of future funding requests. 

Application Process

Please use our online application process only, and please do not submit the same documents in hard copy. To be environmentally sensitive, we are cutting down on our paper processes.