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Maximizing the Value of Open Enrollment Season

Your open enrollment period offers you the opportunity to educate and remind employees about their benefits and verify and update employee and dependent information resulting from changes not reported at the time of a qualifying event. These are examples of important changes to communicate to Northeast Delta Dental during open enrollment:

  • Name changes
  • Address changes
  • Group contact information changes
  • Employment status changes
  • Newly eligible or ineligible dependent children

Qualifying Events

While it is best to report a change within 30 days of a qualifying event, changes may also be reported during open enrollment. These qualifying events may result in a change to an employee’s plan and will be effective on the first of the month following the date of occurrence:

  • Death
  • Marital status changes (marriage, legal separation, divorce, domestic partner)
  • Birth, adoption, or guardianship of dependent children
  • Newly eligible or ineligible dependent children
  • Employment status changes (retirement, termination, full-time to part-time status and vice versa)

Open Enrollment Submissions

To ensure your open enrollment changes appear on your next month’s bill, please submit them by the 10th of the month prior to your contract’s anniversary or open enrollment date.

Please submit your open enrollment changes in one of the ways that Northeast Delta Dental has provided:

If you need enrollment supplies (forms, outline of benefits booklets, etc.), you may contact our Account Services Department at or by fax 603-223-1129.