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Mobile App FAQs

Q: How do I access the Delta Dental mobile app?

A: Follow these easy steps.

  1. Download and install the app from the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
  2. Launch the app from your device. All users will have access to Dentist Search and Toothbrush Timer.
  3. If you are a registered user of Delta Dental’s national website, use the Login button to access your account using your existing user name and password. You will now have access to the full features of the app including benefits and eligibility, mobile ID card and claims status.
  4. If you’re not a registered user, a link is available to allow you to register on our website. Because our app is not currently set up to allow registration within the app, you may prefer to complete registration on your personal computer before returning to the app to login.

Q: What can I do with the Delta Dental mobile app?

A: Currently the Delta Dental app provides the following features:

  • A dentist search tool that makes it easy to search for a dentist in your area. Search using your current location or input your home or work address. Your results can be filtered or sorted to help you find a dentist that suits your specific needs. Then, save your dentist to your contacts, call to schedule an appointment or navigate directly to their office with the touch of your finger.
  • Claims and coverage information on the go. See your plan type, benefit levels, deductibles and maximums and find contact information for your Delta Dental company. Check the status of your most recent dental claims, for both you and your dependents. Claim details can even be sent via email directly from the app. (Login required)
  • Mobile ID card so you can show your card at the dental office without getting out your wallet. Email your ID card to your dentist or a dependent right from the app. (Login required)
  • Toothbrush timer makes brushing fun and helps you stick with it for the recommended two minutes. Listen to music as you brush and watch as the timer counts down your brushing time.

We plan to add additional features and enhancements to make it easier to manage your dental benefits and improve your oral health, so stay tuned for updates. Top

Q: Is my health information secure when accessing it through the app?

A: Yes. The Delta Dental mobile app uses the latest security technology to protect your personal health information. You must enter your user name and password each time you access the secure portion of the app. No personal health information is ever stored on your device. For more details on security, our Privacy Policy can be viewed via a link on the Login page of the app. Top

Q: What types of mobile devices are supported by Delta Dental’s mobile app?

A: Currently the Delta Dental mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. While it is optimized for use on smartphones, it also runs on iPad and Android tablets. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download and install the app on your device. We may add support for Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, as well as optimized versions for tablet PCs, in the future. Top

Q: Do I need cellular service or internet access to access the Delta Dental app?

A: The Delta Dental mobile app is designed to provide real-time information, so you will need access to mobile or wireless internet into order to make full use of the features, including dentist search, benefits and eligibility, ID cards and claims status. You can make use of the Toothbrush Timer when you are offline. Top

Q: How quickly is the dentist directory or my benefits information updated on the Delta Dental mobile app?

A: The Delta Dental mobile app mirrors the information available on Delta Dental’s national website. Benefits and eligibility as well as claims status and details are updated in real-time. Our dentist directory is updated daily Tuesday through Saturday. Top

Q: Is the Delta Dental mobile app free?

A: Yes. Our app is a free download at the Apple Store and Google Play. Standard data charges from your wireless carrier may apply. Top

Q: Do I have to be a Delta Dental subscriber to use the mobile app?

A: No. Our Dentist Search and Toothbrush Timer features are available for anyone to use. Top