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About Us

Northeast Delta Dental is a values-driven company that successfully balances profitability and community involvement, with colleagues working together to create a corporate environment built upon high trust and mutual respect.  We are recognized for our expertise in the dental insurance industry, the vibrancy of our participating dentist network, and our strong brand.

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  • Our Mission

We are pleased to announce the February issue of Smile Coach Monthly, a monthly oral health educational resource that features articles, polls, recipes and a whole lot more. Visit for February features that include 'Help Your Kids Have Healthy Smiles', 'Love Your Smile: Practice Preventive Care' and our recipe of the month is a healthy Heart-Shaped Salad.

Northeast Delta Dental and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats jointly kicked off the 2016 Oral Health Challenge to encourage the good oral hygiene habits of brushing and flossing in children age 12 and under.

The Northeast Delta Dental Foundation recently awarded grants totaling more than $28,000 to Maine oral health programs.

Our Vision

To be a world class benefits company that is community focused.

Our Mission

To advance the oral health and overall wellness of our customers and the general public by providing innovative benefits and professional partnerships through diversified strategic business and philanthropic initiatives.

Our Business

Northeast Delta Dental specializes in the administration of dental programs and has become the leader in the dental marketplace by promoting its uniqueness, which includes:

  • Its dentists' commitments embodied in Delta Dental's participating agreement;
  • Its quality plan designs;
  • Its expertise in claims administration; and
  • Its dedication to outstanding service and recognition of the equality of the importance of all concerned parties - purchasers, subscribers, and dentists.

These unique features combine to give its dental programs superior value.