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What Do Our Employees Say About Working at Northeast Delta Dental?


“At Northeast Delta Dental, respect and common courtesy rule!” Corporate Receptionist

“Northeast Delta Dental is a family, we are here for each other. We help out whenever someone is in need. The great benefits we receive keeps us healthy – mind and body. I can't tell you how much having a fitness center, Aerobics, and chair massages has helped me. I am happy, confident, and most of all healthier – just for working here.” Testing, Training, and Documentation Coordinator

"My experience so far as an employee at Northeast Delta Dental has been positive and empowering.  I had the opportunity to participate in a New Employee Orientation, which was extremely valuable as the program enabled me to understand the NEDD culture/values, policies/procedures as well as the design of the organizational structure.  One of my first observations in my work environment was how well everyone worked together in developing best practices and process initiatives to stay on top of the ever changing industry standards, particularly Health Care Reform.  As a new member of the G.O.S.E.* team, it is evident to me that NEDD is effectively managing the Customer Service experience and that each one of us plays a part in the service we provide to them.  I am excited to be working as a Sales Executive in Maine and look forward to supporting the sales initiatives set forth by the NEDD Sales and Marketing division."  Sales Executive, Sales and Marketing

“I chose to apply for a job at Northeast Delta Dental because I found through my research that it has an excellent reputation about how it treats its employees. A new job with its learning curve always presents a challenge with its above average sets of stresses, but the stresses I experienced in almost every work environment in my work history were almost entirely eliminated here because of Northeast Delta Dental's workplace philosophy. As a new employee, I was at ease with my new job, and I continue to look forward to learning and professional growth.” Claims Analyst

"I accepted this position because I felt it would be something I would be genuinely interested in.   This, in addition to the wonderful benefits and work environment here, makes the perfect formula.  This is the perfect place to start a career.  It also seems to be the perfect place to continue and end a career. I've only been here less than 2 months, but I do feel this is my best work-related decision I have made in my life."  Business Analyst

“Everyone at Northeast Delta dental cares about each other. I am always impressed how each and every employee is there for other employees in time of crisis, whether it involves themselves, a spouse, child or other family members. When someone is going through a rough time, employees and management always go the extra mile to make it easier for the person... What a great place to work, and what a wonderful group of folks who care so much! It gives me great peace of mind knowing how much everyone cares.” Computer Operator

“For as long as I have worked at Northeast Delta Dental, I have loved to come to work each day. Northeast Delta Dental's environment is very important, as are the colleagues with whom I work, and we have very capable Senior Managers who provide proper direction for the Company. All combine to give Northeast Delta Dental's employees the excitement needed to perform their daily jobs, working hard for the good for all!” Division Service Manager

"What I enjoy most about working here is how genuinely nice everyone is. There is a great sense of camaraderie/teamwork at all levels of the organization - it really makes for a more enjoyable day and makes me excited about coming to work."  Eligibility Specialist

“Every time an outside speaker comes to present a seminar at Northeast Delta Dental, they always comment on how they can tell by just being in the building and observing staff what an astounding ambience they “feel” here. I do believe that our workplace emanates our culture. In addition to the health, safety, and wellness programs, the wonderful training opportunities, the superb facilities and campus, the support of a great HR department, a passionate and visionary CEO who “walks the talk”, what stands out mostly for me as extraordinary is the respectful culture. This fosters the teamwork that is such an important part of our values and day to day work. People like each other here, care about each other, and the camaraderie is evident. The longevity of our employees speaks to this. I still look forward to coming to work every day after 30 years. This is my second home.” Manager, Accounting Department

“What I like the best is the Fitness Center on campus! I like to use it at lunch time because it gives me a boost throughout the day ... so I can focus just as well in the afternoon.” Group Maintenance Specialist

“Employees are always kept informed about everything that is going on at Northeast Delta Dental!” Vice President, Information Technology

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* G.O.S.E. is our Guarantee of Service ExcellenceSM Program.