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Northeast Delta Dental is closely monitoring developments around the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Our top priority continues to be the health, safety, and well-being of our subscribers, providers, producers, employees, and the communities we serve. We compiled these FAQs to help employer groups respond to inquiries.

  • Can employer groups continue to cover furloughed/laid-off employees? 
  • Employer groups may elect to keep coverage in force for employees while they are furloughed or on temporary layoff. This is acceptable to Northeast Delta Dental so long as premiums continue to be paid.
  • Is there a time limit on how long an employer can keep a furloughed/laid-off employee enrolled in the dental plan?
  • No, we have not set any time limits on how long a furloughed employee can continue to be enrolled in the dental plan. Coverage will continue as long as the employer group continues to pay monthly premiums.
  • What if the employer group cannot afford to cover the cost of premiums for furloughed/laid-off employees?
  • Employers can allow employees to continue coverage at their own cost, as long as the employer submits premium payment to Northeast Delta Dental. We cannot accept premium payments directly from enrolled subscribers except in the case of residents of New Hampshire who have elected Continuation of Coverage (COC) through the New Hampshire COC law.

    Employers may also elect to terminate dental coverage for all or a subset of employees during this difficult time by notifying us via a termination form, email, Group Admin Portal, or EDI file. Premium would not be charged, nor would claims be paid during the termination period. When employment resumes, employees can be re-enrolled. If re-enrollment occurs within six months, eligibility periods and waiting periods will be waived. If re-enrollment is within the same plan year, the member’s maximum and deductibles will resume where they left off.
  • Are employers required to offer COBRA or continuation of coverage to furloughed/laid-off employees?
  • While the general recommendation with a laid-off employee is to terminate coverage and then re-enroll if the employee elects COBRA, we are trusting our clients to do what is best for their business and their employees during this crisis time. Please consult your legal counsel for advice on COBRA and applicable state Continuation of Coverage laws.

    Any Northeast Delta Dental group customer adding COBRA administration through csONE will receive a $200 annual discount on COBRA administration. If the group is already receiving a discount because they have COBRA bundled with an FSA, for example, the discount will be increased to $250 annually. Please contact your csONE Account Representative for additional information.
  • When furloughed employees return to work, will Northeast Delta Dental waive eligibility waiting periods? 
  • Employees who have been terminated and subsequently rehired by the same employer (within six months) will receive waiver of their eligibility and waiting periods when they return to work. Employees may be re-enrolled on their return-to-work date or the first day of the month following rehire, at the employer group’s choice.
  • When furloughed employees return to work, will Northeast Delta Dental waive benefit class waiting periods? 
  • Enrollees that are terminated from coverage and subsequently re-enrolled (within six months) will have their benefit waiting periods waived. Any new coverage class(es) added will be subject to waiting periods where applicable. If an employer group cancels the whole group plan, and then subsequently signs up for a new group policy within six months, waiting periods will be waived for all who were previously enrolled in the plan, for coverage classes that the prior plan included.
  • What happens to the deductible and plan maximum when furloughed employees return to work? 
  • If the return-to-work date is in a new coverage year, employees who have been terminated and subsequently rehired by the same employer (within six months) will receive a new annual deductible and a new annual maximum. Lifetime deductibles and lifetime maximums will be credited to the extent already satisfied.

    If the rehire date is in the same coverage year, employees who have been terminated and subsequently rehired by the same employer (within six months) will receive credit for deductibles to the extent already satisfied as of the date of termination. Annual and lifetime maximum amounts will be restored to the remaining balances as of the date of termination.
  • Is Northeast Delta Dental allowing individuals and groups to suspend or pause their benefits?  
  • We are not able to suspend a group or individual plan policy. Because dental emergencies do happen, coverage should be kept in place for emergencies. We are committed to ensuring that our subscribers have access to this care when they need it most.

    Dental offices are open and are following recommended safety guidelines. Please see What to Expect at Your Next Dental Visit for more information. (Updated 7/15/2020)
  • Is Northeast Delta Dental allowing a grace period for premium payments due to the COVID-19 Outbreak?
  • For all fully insured groups and  individual policies there is a grace period of 30 days.  (Updated 7/15/2020).

    Requests for payment flexibility for self-funded/ASO groups will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your Northeast Delta Dental Account Manager.
  • If I must terminate my group plan now, can I reinstate coverage at a later date?
  • Groups that terminate coverage and subsequently re-apply (within six months) will receive waiver of waiting periods on coverage classes previously covered. Any new coverage class(es) will be subject to waiting periods where applicable. Groups will receive new deductibles and new annual maximums. Groups must re-enroll and will receive a new group number.

    Please note: Plan availability will be limited to actively offered and marketed options at the time of re-enrollment. Certain group and individual policies are no longer offered in the marketplace. Please inquire with your Account Manager for further details.
  • What if a child has exceeded the maximum dependent age limit (26 in most, but not all cases) and the provider cancelled an appointment that was made while the child was still covered?
  • We are unable to extend coverage beyond the maximum dependent age limit of twenty-six (26).
  • Does Northeast Delta Dental cover teledentistry?
  • Yes, Northeast Delta Dental covers evaluations performed via teledentistry. Claim reimbursement is based on the network status of the provider. If you have a dental emergency, please contact your regular dentist.
  • Will Northeast Delta Dental allow electronic signatures if actual signatures cannot be obtained?
  • Yes, electronic signatures are allowed on group applications, enrollment forms, and termination forms. If it is not possible to submit the required enrollment or termination forms, an email with the required information will be accepted.
  • What about our group DeltaVision® policy?
  • All of Northeast Delta Dental’s COVID-19 guidelines and policies for fully-insured groups also apply to DeltaVision®.

If you have further questions about your coverage with Northeast Delta Dental:
Employers, please contact your Northeast Delta Dental Account Manager, email us at,
or call us at 1-800-832-5700.


Click here to download the COVID-19 FAQs PDF