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New Hampshire’s Tom Raffio


Tom Raffio is a volunteer extraordinaire and true Champion of Yes. Though not personally affected by arthritis, Tom has made it his mission to help educate, fundraise and advocate for the millions of Americans living with the disease.

“Until everyone is comfortable talking about arthritis, until there is a sea of green during the walks, I will not settle,” says Tom.

For the past three years, Tom has acted as chairman of his local New Hampshire leadership board and is helping make sure others know the profound impact of arthritis. As president and CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, he’s able to use his connections to bring more attention to the disease as well as garner support for his local Jingle Bell Run and Walk to Cure Arthritis.

“More children in New Hampshire are impacted by juvenile arthritis than juvenile diabetes, yet we don’t hear this arthritis story,” says Tom. “The statistics are staggering, and I think it’s important to help others understand just how impactful this disease is, not only on the kids, adults and families, but on our nation as a whole.”

Under Tom’s dedicated guidance and leadership, the New Hampshire volunteer board has increased in size and productivity, helping make its signature events a success in fundraising and mission messaging. He’s also been instrumental in the identification, cultivation and engagement of community leaders. He is not only an active participant at his local signature events, but is also one of the top sponsors and team leaders.

“Until there is a cure, I am on board,” says Tom.

This release courtesy the Arthritis Foundation - posted in Champions' Corner of the September 6, 2016 Weekly Insights.

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